Fuck Me I’m Famous is the brain child of world acclaimed DJ David Guetta.

David Guetta Fuck Me Im Famous

Fuck Me I'm Famous is most famous for its party in Pacha, Ibiza. A large part of the party is also his Wife, Kathy Guetta; the idea was mixing things up, in a way that had never been done before.

“The original idea was to have people who don’t normally mix,” says David.

“Clubbing had become like ghettos again, so when it comes to my own night I try to do something different. At my party the social barriers come down. It’s about being inclusive and giving everyone something exclusive at the same time.”

The inaugural party was in Pacha, Ibiza in 2003 and attracted an amazing crowd and a real mix of people.

“My wife brings the glamorous people, and I bring the crazies.” Admits David.

The occasional parties were an instant success and turned into a weekly event, it has since started a world tour as well as filling Pacha, Ibiza on a weekly occurrence.

You can now recreate a bit of the Fuck Me I’m Famous magic at home or where ever you are with the official released compilations. Each album is a mix of the big tunes from that year’s season, so you should recognize all the tunes!

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